How social media can attract great aviation candidates

Friday, July 28, 2023

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Now more than ever your employer brand is an essential way to distinguish yourself from competing recruiters. Social media is a perfect way to directly reach a huge audience of aviation professionals and communicate your company culture to them. Here are a few tips on how to take full advantage of social media, and how unique products like our Social Takeovers can help you achieve this.

You can convey company culture

Company culture is more important to jobseekers than ever before. A positive company culture can create a welcoming and supportive environment for employees, which can lead to greater job satisfaction and productivity.

Social media makes it easy to show off your company culture; through video, through testimonials and through social proof, it is a great way to attract job seekers who are looking for a workplace they can thrive and feel valued.

Passive jobseekers will see your brand

87% of people are passive jobseekers; they’re not actively looking for jobs, but might jump at the right opportunity. Social media is the best way to reach people like this who wouldn’t typically visit a job board.

We have hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals who follow us having either used us as part of their job search or who are simply invested in the aviation industry. Our Social Takeovers are a popular option for reaching this audience because it’s niche but also means more eyes on your company than you would normally expect.

It’s engaging and innovative

Social media provides a unique and engaging platform for companies to communicate their brand to a large audience. With the ability to share visual and written content, social media allows companies to showcase their roles and values in an interactive and dynamic way.

Social media also offers the opportunity for companies to connect with their audience in real-time, responding to comments and questions and building a loyal following. By using the various social media platforms available, companies can build a strong and recognisable brand that resonates with their target audience.

It gives your brand personality

There are fewer constraints with social media and you can speak how you wish to be heard. You don’t need to convey to the norms of a job post and can instead be more flexible and human in your approach to communication. You can convey your tone of voice and your brand personality through the words you use, the video you post and the branding you include.

You have more flexibility about what you post too - with video, you can show not tell, and can highlight things like workplace culture and why your company is a great place to work, not only in your voice but the voice of your employees too.

It enhances your employer brand

A strong company culture can help to enhance the employer brand, which can be attractive to job seekers who are researching potential employers. By promoting a positive culture, companies can build a reputation as a desirable place to work, which can help to attract top talent.

Being at the front and centre of people’s minds is more important than ever. With hundreds of companies competing for the best aviation professionals, your employer brand is enhanced by social proof and engagement on social media. Social media is a window to your brand and essential to building a positive employer brand.

You can reach a new audience

Brands like ours have hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals who follow us on social media, and with products like Social Takeover, you get exclusive access to this huge audience for 24 hours. During this time, you can promote your company culture, your vacancies and more besides using video, banners, direct email and  more. This opens up your brand to a whole new audience and gets eyes on your company, as well as maybe some new followers too.

It's not as much work as you think

Many companies can manage your social media for you. In fact, Aviation Job Search can design the creatives you use in a Social Takeover for you; whether it’s creating the designs from content you send us, or even coming on site to film and photograph based on your brief.

We can then manage the posting (making recommendations for the best response) and making sure you’re kept updated with how your campaign went with a full report afterwards. This flexible approach means brands can be as involved or hands-off as they want, adapting to fit their budget and time constraints.

It can differentiate you from others

In a competitive job market, having a positive and distinctive social media presence can set your company apart from your competing recruiters. A memorable social presence means that your brand will be front of mind for when people are in the market for a new job. If aviation professionals relate to your content and brand philosophy, they’re more likely to follow you over your competitors. The more people that engage with your brand, the more engagement it attracts - it snowballs, cementing your employer brand for all to see.

Showcase your brand values

Social media is the perfect stage to talk about your values. This is increasingly important to job seekers and they’re more likely to show an interest in your brand if your beliefs align with theirs.

Video is a great way to show the work a company does with charities and the community so that followers see how they can be a part of a greater cause. It also is a great way to show how a company values its employees, too - video testimonials can speak a thousand words, particularly as people look for more flexibility in an employer.

It's easy to target the right people

Targeting on social media is a highly effective way to ensure that your content is seen by the right audience. Whether you use a brand like Aviation Job Search so that you are only being seen by aviation professionals, or using paid advertising with specific criteria, this can increase engagement and conversion.

By using the targeting features on social media platforms or Aviation Job Search, you can select specific demographics, interests, and locations, which can help you reach people who are most likely to be interested in your brand.

It's easy to measure response

Measuring response on social media is incredibly easy. Reporting or analytics would normally include impressions, reach, clicks - all useful metrics that show how many people have seen and are interacting with your content.

For example, with Social Takeovers on Aviation Job Search, we send a full report breaking down how each part of each campaign has performed so that you can see what exactly our audience reacted to. You can apply these lessons to everything you do on social media to get the best response with future campaigns.

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