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  • Aviation Job Search 72% 72%
  • Flightglobal 23% 23%
  • Jobs in Aviation 4% 4%

We know in this day and age everyone claims to be the best, so it’s difficult to know where to invest your recruitment budget.

Well, we’re proud to say we really are the world’s number 1 aviation job board. These stats are taken from SimilarWeb* and show how many more people visit our website over our competitors.

*Statistics taken from SimilarWeb March-May 2018

69% of aviation professionals use Aviation Job Search to find their next job

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We pride ourselves around being experts in aviation recruitment, and that’s why we always attract quality candidates, even to those really tough to recruit for roles.

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99% of our customers return

We used the Aviation Job search for a month and received over 30 applicants, finishing up with 6 candidates which we could take on to a telephone interview process. We filled the position using Aviation Job Search and plan to use it in the future when Atlas Air, Inc. is required to fill a position again.

Many thanks for the help and support, your personal touch and support during the advertisement was excellent.

Derek Jackson

Director of Maintenance, Atlas Air & Polar

We have done a variety of campaigns including adverts, native ads and also mailshots, and have had a fantastic return on quality calibre of candidates.

Aviation Job Search is the best job board within the aviation industry, the “go to” job board for clients and candidates alike (worldwide) and therefore could not give a higher recommendation. Fantastic service, fantastic team.

Gemma Le-Surf

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Monarch Aircraft Engineering

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We work with a host of aggregators and partners to make sure those jobs that are difficult to fill, are put in front of the right people.

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We know everything there is to know about who, what, where, when, why and how aviation professionals apply for their jobs.

That’s what makes us different to other job boards. And that’s how we know how to build the perfect package for businesses like yours that’s efficient and cost effective.

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