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Friday, August 25, 2023

Culture Capture video shoot in Brighton, UK

Aviation Job Search Introduces ‘Culture Capture’: Revolutionising Company Culture Promotion with Bespoke Videography Services

Aviation Job Search, one of the world’s leading platforms connecting aviation professionals with industry opportunities, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking new product, ‘Culture Capture.’ This innovative addition to their service portfolio comes in response to the overwhelming demand from clients, driven by the remarkable success of their previous offering, ‘Social Takeover.’

As Aviation Job Search began offering ‘Social Takeovers’ (which gives their clients exclusive access to their social channels and now their 300,000+ followers on just LinkedIn), they noted that some clients simply didn’t have the inhouse resource to create content for their Social Takeover. Culture Capture solves this, enabling clients to access bespoke videography services that effectively showcase and promote their unique company culture.

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent has become an essential challenge for companies across various industries. The aviation sector, in particular, has experienced significant labour turnover, emphasising the need for effective communication of company culture to job seekers. Recent statistics on UK labour turnover highlight the importance of this aspect, with the average rate having increased by 8.7% since 2019, and is estimated to increase even more in 2023, with a predicted 35.6 percent turnover rate in the UK [source: HR Review]. These numbers underscore the significance of conveying a company’s values, mission, and work environment to potential candidates.

Culture Capture provides a powerful solution to this pressing need by offering clients the opportunity to highlight their company’s culture through professionally crafted videos. By capturing the essence of their workplace environment, employee experiences, and corporate values, companies can better engage and attract top talent in the aviation industry.

“As a trusted partner to both employers and job seekers in the aviation sector, Aviation Job Search understands the vital role that company culture plays in talent acquisition,” said Dave Capper, Director at Aviation Job Search. “Having seen the demand for Social Takeovers but the lack of content from our clients, Culture Capture aims to empower these companies to showcase their unique culture by creating compelling narratives that resonate with potential candidates. By harnessing the power of videography and our monopoly social following, we can bridge the gap between job seekers and companies, fostering stronger connections and facilitating better career matches.”

Aviation Job Search’s ever-growing presence in the aviation industry further strengthens their ability to provide exposure for clients utilising Culture Capture. With a staggering 600,000+ followers now across social media platforms, the company has established itself as an authority in the industry, boasting an extensive network of aviation professionals. This significant reach guarantees maximum visibility and ensures that client videos receive the attention they deserve from the relevant audience.

As companies continue to recognise the importance of transparent communication and the showcasing of their distinctive cultures, Culture Capture positions Aviation Job Search as a frontrunner in assisting businesses in the aviation sector to stand out from the competition. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, the company’s videography services are set to revolutionise the way companies promote their culture, fostering lasting connections with talented professionals who share their values.

For further information about Culture Capture and Aviation Job Search’s comprehensive range of services, please visit Aviation Job Search or contact the team at

About Aviation Job Search:

Aviation Job Search is a leading online platform connecting aviation professionals with the latest job opportunities in the industry. With an extensive network of employers and job seekers, Aviation Job Search aims to streamline the recruitment process and facilitate successful career matches. Offering a range of innovative services and solutions, the company continues to be a trusted resource for both candidates and employers in the aviation sector.

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