Posting a job

How do I purchase credits?
How long will job credits last for?
How do I unpublish jobs?
Where do I find unpublished jobs?
Is there a way to increase applications?
My job says “Can’t apply.” Why is this?
How do I set up with a multiposter?
I don’t have an account. How do I post a job?
I have multiple jobs to post. How can I do this?
How long will my job(s) remain live?
How will I be charged for advertising my job(s)?
I want to edit a job that is currently live. How do I do this?
I want to reactivate a job that was previously paused. How do I do this?
I have started writing a job description but I want to finish publishing the advert later. Can I save it as a draft?

Managing response

How do I view and download a list of applicants?
How do I send rejection letters?
Why is it important to fill in the 'About Your Company' section?
My job is performing below average. Is there anything I can do to improve response?
Is there a way to increase applications?
How will I be charged for activating Boost features?
How do I see who has applied for my roles?
How can I respond to applicants who have applied to my jobs?
Can I respond to applicants before my job’s closing date?
Can I save applicants anywhere in case of any future opportunities they may be suitable for?
How can I monitor how well my jobs are performing?
Can I look back at my jobs’ past performance?
I don't understand my stats report

Creating and managing users

How do I create a recruiter account?
How do I log in to my dashboard?
How do I add my company details to my account?
I’ve forgotten my password
How do I change my password?
The main user has now left the business. How do I get login details?
How can I remove additional users from my company’s account?
I don’t have access to the email associated with my account; how can I reset my password?
How do I add additional users to my company’s account?
What's the difference between a primary and secondary user?