How Line Up Aviation attracted new candidates through video

Friday, August 25, 2023

Video setup at Line Up Aviation

Line Up Aviation needed to attract new talent but had no marketing resource to do so

Line Up Aviation needed to hire new people and found that increasingly job seekers want to know who the employer is, not what the job is. They wanted to show off their company culture, but didn’t have an in-house marketing agency to be able to create the content they needed.

Attracting new people but not having the time or resource to do so is a problem many of our clients face. While many understand the importance of using company culture to attract new talent, most don’t have the capability to do so.

Following a consultation, we proved to Line Up Aviation how we could come up with a strategy and provide the content they needed to attract the next generation of people to join their team.

Our aligned content strategy enabled us to create a series of videos and content

We started by having a content consultation to understand exactly what recruitment challenges Line Up Aviation were facing. Everything we do is guided by this first conversation, and it meant we were able to make the best use of time to create the most effective content we could.

The day of filming

We travelled to Line Up Aviation and spent two days on site filming. We recorded hours of interviews, with our production crew making looking after the timings, helping make people feel at ease and getting the best responses from them.


We shot hours of footage and edited all of this together along with adding a soundtrack, captions and any required stock footage to create not just one video, but. a whole multimedia package including short- and long-form video for different marketing channels including Youtube and Tiktok.

We also put together a social strategy using the content we generated from the shoot, along with our expertise which has helped gain us hundreds of thousands of followers on our socials.

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