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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Marcus Sheen

Prime Aviation on a recruiter's laptop

We have some great news for businesses - we’re reducing the price for Prime Aviation, our monthly membership program that gives recruiters like you access to half price recruitment products like job advertising and CV and resume access. 

This price reduction is for both new and existing customers and means the price of recruiting aviation professionals is now even less than before.

What’s changed?

For both new and existing customers, we have reduced the Prime Aviation membership fee from £100 per month to just £27.99. 

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Your new, lower membership fee still includes free CV and resume downloads every month, free job ads every quarter and 50% off all online purchases - all the things that you told us you love. 

Why have you reduced the monthly membership fee?

Prime Aviation is a new product and is still growing and developing. Our clients were telling us that they wanted to spend less on their monthly Prime membership so they could spend more on recruitment products. By reducing the membership fee, we have made our half price discounts even more accessible to recruiters.

What does this mean for me?

It means a bigger budget for you to put towards recruitment products. 

For example, with this monthly saving you have enough to boost two job ads after just one month, purchase an additional 50 CV downloads in two months, or in four months, you have saved enough to get a Targeted Email, promoting your jobs to up to 110,000 active subscribers.

How do recruiters take advantage of the new, lower membership?

You don’t need to do anything. 

If you’re an existing client, your membership fee will drop automatically. And for anyone who has yet to sign up, what are you waiting for? You can enjoy half price job ads, CV downloads and access products like Targeted Email for half price, all for the new, lower £27.99 monthly fee. 

Remind me again, what is Prime Aviation?

Prime Aviation is our monthly membership program where for a low monthly fee, you are rewarded with free job ads, free CV downloads and half price on additional online purchase and discounts on everything else. The first thing you do is save, all for a negligible monthly membership fee.

In addition to all this, you get access to browse CV Discovery for free, a free Company Profile page, access to our account managers via online chat and you can cancel anytime after your first six months.

What are the benefits of Prime Aviation?

It makes recruitment more affordable and levels the playing field by offering scalable recruitment to businesses large and small.

It means products like Targeted Email or Social Takeover that might have previously been outside your budget are made more affordable by being half price. This gives you access to hundreds of thousands of extra aviation professionals that might not otherwise have seen your vacancies and lets you compete with big companies in terms of recruitment.

But if you’d prefer to just post jobs, you still save - if you were to post five over the course of a year, with Prime it would cost £710 versus £2348 without, plus with Prime we’ll give you 240 CV credits to use too.

How do I sign up?

Visit our sign up page and click join Prime Aviation. It takes just a couple of minutes and you get immediate access to discounts, CV Discovery, plus you can set up your company profile to start getting your business in front of hundreds of thousands of job seekers.

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