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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

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Social media recruiting is one of the most efficient ways of getting your jobs seen. Combining social recruiting with the power and functionality of a job board is one of the best ways of filling vacancies and saving on the cost of recruitment, while also attracting more-engaged job seekers. 

If you think of the job board as the shop, and social media posts as the shop window, you can see how having a social media recruitment strategy is the difference between people having to look for your jobs, or your jobs finding them. Whether you connect with people on Linkedin or share a Facebook job posting, all these things help you reach even more people.

Why use social media?

It creates a conversation

Social media is built around interaction. Current and future employees can comment and interact with your social recruiting posts, whether you’re sharing job vacancies or showing off your company culture. Current employees can add their comments as social proof and share with their connections, while interested candidates can ask questions and grow an affinity with your brand.

It lets you reach a broader audience

Job boards are great, but recruiting through social media is a perfect partner because it lets you reach passive job seekers, those who would consider offers despite being happily employed. Also, don’t underestimate the power of sharing - most people will know someone who might be interested in any opportunities you have, and their first instinct will be to share with them.

It builds trust in your brand

Social media recruiting is more open and accessible than a simple job post. People can see how your brand engages with followers, explore your company values through the content you share and ultimately this will attract candidates whose values align with yours. 

How to use social media

Create an account for social media recruiting 

Social media share options on job post

Larger companies should consider creating a social media account specifically for recruitment and careers. You can use this not only to share job opportunities, but to also show off your company culture and brand personality. It also means your HR department can actively engage with potential candidates and follow up on any enquiries.

Share and engage

Job boards like Aviation Job Search, and your career website, should still be central to your social recruiting efforts, and every time you post a job, you should share. We make this easy with share options on all our job ads, so make sure you share and get your colleagues and connections to share as well. Once shared, make sure you keep an eye on comments and make sure you engage with them.

Leverage our audience

We have over half a million followers on social media and through products like Social Takeover, you can get access to them all. Over 300,000 of these followers are on LinkedIn and to get started, all you need to do is forward your creatives over to us and we can manage posts on your behalf for your chosen 24 hour period. The benefit of this is that you reach a whole new audience, many of which are passive job seekers and you can use multimedia to show off not only job opportunities but also your company culture.

Choose your social network

When using social media for recruiting, different platforms have different benefits. LinkedIn is a great place to share job opportunities, while Tiktok and Instagram are better for showing off your company culture. Facebook recruiting wise is somewhere in between the two. 

Your social recruiting strategy is one the most effective ways of differentiating yourself from other recruiters. It attracts candidates who are more engaged, who align better with your values and lets you reach a wider audience. Speak to one of our sales team to find out how we can help you manage your social media recruiting efforts and recruit faster and better.

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