6 ways to make your recruitment budget go further with Prime Aviation

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Prime Aviation is our new membership scheme, where job advertisers get access to discounts, free benefits and more with an affordable £100 monthly subscription that they can cancel anytime after an initial three month period. Here’s just some of the ways you can save on your recruitment budget with Prime Aviation.

You get a free job advert, just for signing up

The first thing you do with Prime Aviation is save. For first-time customers, you immediately unlock a free job advert to use whenever you want. If you’re recruiting now, you can use it straight away, but you can also save it for later - your job ad credit will be there in your dashboard for the duration of your membership. Whatever you end up doing, you get more from your hiring budget straight away.

You save with free CV downloads

CV Discovery is already great value. We give you free access to browse hundreds of thousands of aviation candidates for free so that you can make informed decisions about which candidates to shortlist and CVs to download.

But with Prime Aviation, you get 20 free CV download credits as soon as you sign up, and you unlock 20 more every month during your membership. With these, you can download the candidate’s full CV to your computer or device, and access their contact details so you can make the first move while also reducing recruitment costs.

As with job credits, you can use them immediately, or you can let them build up.

Scale up your recruitment only when you need to

Cost effective recruitment strategies mean you should only pay for what you need, when you need. Prime Aviation makes it easy for you to quickly scale your recruitment efforts up and down. If you are expanding quickly or have unexpected vacancies to fill, you can immediately respond by scaling up your recruitment advertising there and then.

If you need job adverts or CV downloads, our secure self-service checkout means you can do this quickly without worrying about calling your account manager or waiting for a reply so that you can make sure those vacancies are filled fast.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to waste money locking yourself into a certain amount of ads before time. Just become a member and buy them whenever you need to for half the price.

Save 50% on all our aviation recruitment products

For those who ask how to reduce recruitment costs, we have products to suit every budget and every kind of recruiter. Whether you’re after traditional job board products such as Post a Job or CV Discovery, or something different like Social Takeovers, you get access to all our products for half price.

With 50% off, if you need to scale up your recruitment efforts quickly with more job posts, you can. But you can also trial products you might not normally be able to stretch to, meaning you can finally pit yourself against bigger companies and airlines for a lot less money than you think.

Save by pausing your membership whenever you need to

We wanted to do away with contracts where you have to commit to a certain amount of job adverts in a year. With Prime Aviation you subscribe and, like a Netflix subscription, can cancel whenever you want (after an initial three month period). 

In just the three months alone you would have unlocked job ads worth £1000, plus 60 CV download credits

Save by spreading the cost

We wanted to make Prime Aviation a no-brainer, and we think the low £100 membership fee achieves that. Normally posting a single job advert would cost £699, although the more you advertise, the more you save.

However with Prime Aviation, it costs just £100 every month. You unlock free advertising, free CV downloads and discounts on top of that making it by far the most affordable way to recruit.

Many recruiters ask how to reduce cost per hire, and Prime Aviation is our answer.

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