Hiring and onboarding while working remotely

Friday, July 28, 2023

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As the coronavirus continues to keep everyone at home, it can make hiring and onboarding difficult with the suspension of physical contact.

Since we don’t know how long we’ll be stuck in this situation, recruiters will need to identify other, more creative ways to hire and onboard employees along with other operational issues. So how can you do that?

Virtual career fairs

Did you attend our virtual job fair on Friday 20th March? In today’s quarantine world, these events allow companies to meet with job seekers, without having to physically gather a crowd. Employers have the chance to take their career fair to every participant’s space, virtually.    

The virtual setting mimics the feel of a physical event, minus the typical restrictions you might face at a physical one.

Here are some of the benefits to holding a virtual career fair:

  • Higher visitor attendance: Given the amount of people who are at home right now, joining a virtual fair requires them to do very little, except log in to the event online. Because attendance is so simple, you’ll see a much higher participation rate. It removes all time and constraints.
  • Easy exchange of information: No paper needed, the career fairs allow employees to provide candidates with company videos, FAQs and brochures - which also provides for much cheaper events preparation, like avoiding printing costs for materials.
  • Uncompromised employer branding: Brand your company to a global audience with the help of branded custom virtual booths
  • Increased employer-candidate engagement: You have the added benefit of using live text, audio and video chat, giving you the ability to interact with potential employees for an improved and effective analysis from across the world. Similarly, job seekers can have discussions and schedule meetings with company representatives for any or all sorts of queries.
  • Measurable results: You have the ability to monitor your event with real time reporting and measure your ROI with detailed reports at the end of the event.

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