10 ways to finding and hiring the right person

Friday, July 28, 2023

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For every business to flourish, you need a team of productive employees so the business owners or hiring managers ensure that they hire the right talent for their field. No matter how successful your business is, you’ll still experience some sort of turnover in your company – some will leave the company while others will fill the vacant job positions.

Employees in the aviation industry are the ambassadors of their company. Since the aviation industry relies on assertive, friendly, and service-oriented employees, it is important for them to ensure a safe and quality experience for the clients/passengers.

In times of automation and constant change, it has become essential for organisations in the aviation industry to examine skill challenges and resources within their company to ensure they’re hiring the best candidate.

There has never been a perfect formula for hiring the right employee. As every job role is different, so the attributes we look for when hiring for a particular role are different from others. To find that ‘perfect fit for your company, here are the best tips to learn and follow.

Clearly define all the job openings

Before you start with the hiring process, make sure you provide a detailed job description for the given job postings so that potential candidates can know what exactly you want from the new recruits. Create a job description with well-defined requirements and expectations along with personal specifications. This means you can fill all the loopholes present in the current talent base.

Instrument your recruitment strategy

Make sure you know how you’re going to source the new recruits and what steps will be required for the hiring process including the assessments and physical interview. You need to sit with your HR manager and map out a recruitment strategy to hunt the ideal candidate. This will give a plan of action to the HR team to find the best talent for your company.

A recruitment strategy will entail how to utilise the technological resources to find the relevant staff.

Consider the referrals

In the aviation industry, work references matter, therefore, besides relying on your instincts, it is important to review candidates that come with strong referrals. The important thing is to hire candidates with the right qualities for different job roles in the aviation industry, be it a flight attendant or ground staff.

Communicate proactively

With the growth in the aviation industry, there is a huge demand for qualified pilots, cabin crew, and maintenance technicians. Several interviews may be lined up for the talented candidates so before advancing to the next recruitment stage, check with the applicants and maintain constant communication to keep them interested.

Offer competitive salary and benefits

Do the salary requirements match the job requirements? To avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, discuss the growth perspective and salary package with the candidates. As jobs in the aviation industry focus on safety and security, there is added responsibility on the employees; therefore, financial rewards are also huge. So, without saying, the salary and employment benefits offered by the company must be in line with the industry averages.

Carefully review the CVs

As a number of applicants apply for a single job vacancy, you must only short-list candidates that deem fit to go forward in the interview stage. For a smooth flow of work, scan through the resumes and approve those with the relevant skills and experience. Most aviation companies assign their HR department to review the resumes before they get to the top.

Focus on the key candidates during the interview

To narrow down the process of recruiting the right candidate, assess the potential candidates during the interview process. Ask them about their strengths and weaknesses and determine what capabilities they have to contribute to your company.

Be transparent

When looking for the best candidate, make sure they know what’s expected of them throughout the recruitment process. This helps the candidates to prepare accordingly and you can also find the right employees. Be confident and upfront in asking questions or anything of concern.

Focus on your company branding

In the current times, it is important to maintain a clear reputation, among the employees as well as the public. Besides offering financial incentives to the candidates, make sure you promote your good qualities and highlight important aspects of your work culture. For instance, discuss the advanced training programs your airline offers to the employees. Remember, your company is your brand.

Look for employees who fit into the work culture

Every organisation must ensure that its recruitment process is aligned with the company culture. Candidates must be clear about company values and vision so that all those values are present in them from the get-go. For instance, for the role of an aircraft maintenance engineer, try to determine their tech-savvy qualities in a more creative process.

Frequently asked questions

How do I hire the right candidate?

As the work environment is changing constantly, there is a need to reorganise and reconceptualise the hiring process. Make sure the candidates are highly adaptive and can evolve to changes in the workplace. Ask them if they can fit into the corporate culture. Ask them if they can respond positively to adaptive learning by discussing their failures during the interview.

What are the skills required in the aviation industry?

Being in the aviation industry, you need to possess both the technical and soft skills to progress in your career. Some essential skills one needs to possess include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork
  • Work flexibility

What are the top 3 skills for airport ground staff?

The ground staff teams at the airport include workers involved in aircraft maintenance and management, airport security, and organising schedules. Three vital skills required by the ground staff are communication, soft skills, and planning and organisation. All these skills prepare the ground staff for diverse roles at the airports on a global scale.

How do you hire the best people?

To attract and retain the best talent here’s what you must do;

  • Search for progression in candidates
  • Look for achievements and accomplishments
  • Ask behavioral questions during the interview
  • Consider assessments on a recurrent basis
  • Go with your gut feeling during hiring

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