2022 in aviation, wrapped. Thanks to our sponsor:

Jobseekers were looking for vacancies like yours

Engineers were one of the most popular roles candidates registered for

Candidates reached for the stars

Among the candidates was a Space Avionics Verification Engineer and a Satellite Engineer

These were the most popular locations for visitors 

1. London, UK

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Dublin, Ireland

4. Istanbul, Turkey

5. Paris, France

6. Birmingham, UK

7. Doha, Qatar

8. Madrid, Spain

9. Mumbai, India

10. Croydon, UK



was the average salary advertised. Here’s the top roles.

1. Captain

2. Systems Engineer

3. Stress Engineer

4. Electronics/Firmware Engineer

5. B2 Licensed Engineer


of new candidates were Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. These roles were also popular.

2. Aircraft Mechanic

3. Flight Attendant

4. Accountable Manager

5. Cabin Crew

6. Captain

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Speaking of jobseekers…

We asked 270 aviation professionals what their fears and hopes are for the industry. Here’s a few takeaways.

What is your employment status?

  • 7% Happily employed
  • 7% Employed, but looking to progress internally
  • 40% Employed, but would consider job offers
  • 19% Employed, but actively seeking elsewhere
  • 25% Unemployed
  • 2% Currently in education


are passive jobseekers. Our Social Takeover product means you can target aviation professionals like these.


are considering a career move within the next 12 months


of those are looking to stay in the aviation industry, though

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