Aviation Job Search is proud to reveal its 2018-19 annual report!


The report covers data collected around jobseekers from the Aviation Job Search website in 2018-19, and was created to guide hiring managers with their recruitment strategy in 2019, as well as providing jobseekers an insight into the industry.


Salary differences


Our report contains insights including gender differences per role, job hotpoints, jobseeker motivations when searching for a new job, salary, growth areas and category information.


Job hotpoints


We also sat down with CEO Ian Partington to get his view on 2019, and what lies ahead for 2020.


Jobseeker insights

Ian’s message is followed by a look in to the challenges recruitment has faced over the last twelve months, and we discuss the company’s approach to 2019 to combat them.


Speaking of the report, Ian said: “We got some great feedback surrounding the report last year. I hope this one proves equally, if not more useful to both recruiters and jobseekers alike.”



If you would like a copy of the report, click the button below to download it for free:

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