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Recruitment, and the most efficient way to recruit, has changed drastically over the last few decades.

In what has become a very competitive, candidate driven market, top talent can be very particular about who they work for, and will seek out information as a basis for their application decisions.

A Recruiter Profile is the ideal place to host compelling information on why a jobseeker should want to work for you.

Wheneveer a jobseeker clicks your logo on our site, they will be taken directly to your fully branded Recruiter Profile.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to stand out from the crowd on a busy job board.

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The modern jobseeker will seek out further information about an employer before they will take the time to apply – even more so if they have to write a tailored application per company they apply for. 

A Recruiter Profile enables you to host all your jobs, alongside an ‘About Section’ and banner space. so jobseekers don’t need to search far to see why they should be applying! 

It’s like having your very own Careers Page hosted within our site.

No one remembers you for standing in the crowd. But they do remember you for standing out of it.

Why it Works


Show off your business

A Recruiter Profile is the perfect solution for employers looking to show off their company culture

Distraction free zone

Jobseekers can only see your jobs on this page. That means they won’t get distracted by another company’s jobs

Jobseekers can set up alerts

If a jobseeker likes the look of your company, they can sign up to receive an email every time you post a new job

Build trust with jobseekers

63% of jobseekers agreed they like to know more about a company before applying for their vacancies

After only a few days, we were inundated with top quality technical and engineering applications, of which many successful candidates were recruited. Aviation Job Search is THE must have tool when recruiting qualified professionals.

Jane Sharples, BA CityFlyer

Stand Out From the Crowd With a Recruiter Profile

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