On March 20th 2020, Aviation Job Search hosted a free virtual job fair to help those affected by the collapse of airline, Flybe.

On March 5th, UK airline, Flybe, went into administration, leaving more than 2,000 jobs lost.

Over 1,000 jobseekers attended the virtual job fair, speaking with 19 exhibitors, including BAE Systems, Bombardier, Cathay Pacific and Farnborough Airport.

The event was free to exhibit and free to attend.

Dave Capper, Managing Director at Aviation Job Search said, “We are deeply shocked at the extent of job losses we’ve seen over the last year within the aviation industry. We want to try and get as many people back into work as possible to ensure the industry continues to thrive.”

Ex Flybe Line Training Captain, said, “The situation myself and fellow former Flybe employees find ourselves in is not an easy one. While most of us at least have our health, the worries that redundancy and the coronavirus have put on us and our families are considerable. It has been hard to see much light at the end of the tunnel, with the aviation industry being particularly hard hit. It is with this in mind that an event such as the Aviation Job Search Careers Fair is so important.”

Job sites prepare for the death of the CV

Job sites prepare for the death of the CV

Job sites are preparing for the death of the CV, it has been revealed today. Specialist job site, Aviation Job Search, has announced that their site has been completely restructured to accommodate candidate profiles in preparation for the decline of the traditional...