Discover key insights into our 2019 Flexible Working Survey. 


Key Insights

  • 35.7% of aviation professionals work the traditional 9-5 hours
  • 88.8% cited flexible working hours as “important” when searching for their next role
  • 34.7% of aviation professionals cited that they were “100% loyal” to their current employer
  • 67.5% of aviation professionals ‘set a hard boundary’ between home and work life


How do aviation professionals currently work now?

  • 68% of aviation professionals do shift work
  • 12.5% work flexitime
  • 6.2% work annualised hours
  • 6.2% work from home
  • 3.1% job share
  • 3.1% other


Responses acquired between 2nd March 2019 and 23rd October 2019.

Based on an Aviation Job Search survey of 126 aviation professionals.

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Job sites prepare for the death of the CV

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