The impact of Covid-19 on employment in the worldwide aviation job market has already been devastating.

The full effects of the pandemic are yet to be seen but tens of thousands of jobs are expected to be lost throughout those directly employed in the industry and within the supply chain.

With the government’s job retention scheme set to close for all businesses by the end of October, on August 28th, it was reported that 100 British Lawmakers joined forces with trade union, Unite, to urge the government to provide extra support to airlines and airports.

Quarantine rules, and the uncertainty around which countries are classed as ‘low risk’ has left many travellers scrapping their holiday plans altogether in 2020, leaving the industry in further turmoil.

We asked the visitors of Aviation Job Search in August why they were using the site and how they felt about their future career in the industry.


Key Insights

  • 75% said their current / previous job had been affected by Covid-19
  • 59.8% had been made redundant due to Covid-19
  • 88.4% said they were concerned about the future of their career in the industry
  • 52.9% said they had searched for a new job daily in the last few months


Response acquired in August 2020. 

Based on an Aviation Job Search survey of 2,470 aviation professionals. 

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