When an employee is leaving your company, they can offer a wealth of insight into their experience with your business. 

They can help uncover any potential weaknesses in your organisation, as well as to help provide their opinion of the management team, and share suggestions to improve employee retention. 

Here are a few exit interview questions to ask that will help you get the most value from an employee who is leaving your company.

What inspired you to search for another role?

This question helps to determine any lack of development or perks your company could be offering to attract and retain top talent. For example, if you notice that many employees who are leaving report an absence of opportunities for promotion, it could be a sign that direct supervisors aren’t addressing employee career aspirations appropriately.

Do you feel your manager gave you what you needed to succeed?

From providing training and the right software to discussions and performance reviews, direct supervisors hold a responsibility to ensure that each member of their team possesses the necessary tools and feedback needed to excel in their job role. It is critical to know whether employees feel let down in any of these areas so that the matter can be addressed to the supervisor as early as possible.


What suggestions do you have for the company? How could we improve?

From providing suggestions on the style of management to staff benefits, it’s important to consider all kinds of feedback. While it may not be within your power to make all the suggested changes, finding out what employees value will help you understand how to improve the overall team morale.


Is there anything that would have changed your mind about leaving?

This question is to help you get to the crux of why an employee has decided to leave the company. Often the leaving employee would mention something that would have persuaded them to stay. 

By using these questions for exit interview sessions, you will be able to understand why employees choose to leave as well as how to improve retention and employee job satisfaction.

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