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Aircraft Maintenance Engineers were the most popular role on our site



aviation jobs were posted – these were the most popular

1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

2. Management

3. Airline Customer Service Agent

4. Analysts

5. B1 Licensed Engineer

6. Aeronautical Engineer

7. Captain

8. Technician

9. Aircraft Mechanic

10. Human Resource Manager

Looking for your career to take off?

We also had roles for spacecraft technicians for those who want to broaden their horizons!

These were the most popular locations for jobseekers like you

1. London, UK

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Dublin, Ireland

4. Istanbul, Turkey

5. Paris, France

6. Birmingham, UK

7. Doha, Qatar

8. Madrid, Spain

9. Mumbai, India

10. Croydon, UK



was the average salary advertised. Here were the top paid roles.

1. Captain

2. Systems Engineer

3. Stress Engineer

4. Electronics/Firmware Engineer

5. B2 Licensed Engineer


of new candidates were engineers or technicians. These were the most popular roles overall.

1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

2. Aircraft Mechanic

3. Flight Attendant

4. Accountable Manager

5. Captain

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Speaking of you, how’s everything?

It’s been a difficult few years.

We asked 270 aviation professionals like you what your fears and hopes are for the industry. Here’s a few takeaways.

How happy are you at work?

  • 29% Happy
  • 35% Quite happy
  • 23% Neutral
  • 8% A bit unhappy
  • 5% Unhappy


feel the industry has changed for the worse since covid, but 53% are optimistic about the future


are worried or very worried about the cost of living


have received a pay rise or extra support from their employer

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